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Let's make classical music a beloved part of people's lives.

Concert halls shouldn't feel like secret clubs where you need to know the right password or handshake to get in.


But for many, attending a concert feels exactly like that … exclusive, unwelcome, and downright confusing.

Your organization has the power to change that — to make the arts inclusive, welcoming, and exciting.


One great, human-focused story at a time. 


And each of those stories will help you to:

  • demystify classical music for your audience … 

  • provide easy entry points for people to discover new works … 

  • and shine a light on what you're doing every day to bring your community closer to classical music …

Because when you tell those stories meaningfully — and share them widely — you don't just grow and nurture your audience ...


You make classical music human, relatable, and a source of inspiration for everyone. 

All you need is the right guide — a writer and strategist with deep knowledge of classical music — to help you mine those stories and tell them in engaging, exciting ways.

Hey there, I'm Michael.

When I was eight years old, I received my first classical album (Beethoven's Violin Concerto) and took my first steps through a museum (Wadsworth Atheneum). And I've been in love with classical music and art ever since.

That love led me to study clarinet performance and art history at conservatories in Rochester, New York, and London, England. Followed by 10-plus years performing with orchestras and chamber ensembles along the East Coast.  

And after trading in my clarinet reeds for a writer's pen, I wrote, edited, and produced content that connected the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art with more than 25 million people online.

At every step of that journey, music and art have brought enduring joy and comfort to my life. The arts have fueled my own creativity and curiosity and helped me to learn more about the world around me.

And now, I've combined that lifetime of experience in the arts with my copywriting and journalism skills to help classical music presenters create that same sense of joy, curiosity, and discovery in their audiences.

Sure, I partner with presenters of every size and budget to launch content strategies, strengthen editorial programs, and transform their email newsletters. But really ...


I help tell stories that make classical music exciting, accessible, and human.

Is your organization ready to make those connections and inspire a lifetime of engagement with the arts? If so, let's chat.

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"The Whitney was desperately in need of someone who could elevate our digital voice and make it approachable and engaging.

Michael was able to jump right in and get to work, always asking the right questions to understand our needs and priorities. His writing is engaging, enjoyable to read — and most importantly, sounds like a human being.

Hire him! His professionalism, poise, and patience will make your life so much easier." 

Jackie Foster

Assistant Director of Digital Content
Whitney Museum of American Art

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